“I deeply believe that to really understand a place, you have to live obsessively in contact with the people who live there. Being an accomplice, and stealing intimate moments of spontaneity, as far as a foreigner can do. Sharing a space of separation as narrow as possible, without prejudice or fear, with sincere desire to absorb everything, feeling yourself part of it. The desire to know a people instead of just a geographical place, having true human relationships and new friends. The photo shooting that comes to me is nothing more than the final act, the consequence of something that I am trying on my skin, carried by the flow and in the flow of events, situations and people that I absolutely want to feel part of, even just for a moment, an hour, a day, with the understanding that I can not grasp the total fullness, and so this leads me to a relentless pursuit, in a fulfilling vicious circle.”

Dario Tommaseo